Wow, this month has flown by!!  We are in the short week between club sessions.  Since the last time I posted, we have studied Samoa, storytelling and now we are on dinosaurs.  Not to mention that registration for Session 2 has come and gone and new clubs start next Tuesday the 30th!!
Samoa was so wonderful.  We have a family from there and they kindly came and brought photos, clothing and artifacts from their time there.  We learned what life is like for them, what they eat, where they live, what they study in school.  Thanks to Molly and her 3 kids for sharing everything with us!

Storytelling week was also wonderful.  The BI kids learned the different ways we tell stories.  Why we tell stories.  We wrote family stories in pictures and words in the journals we made.  We did story circles and created our own stories.  Miss Pat from the Pack Place library came on Friday the 19th and enchanted the kids with stories.

On Monday the 22nd, we took 25 kids to the Eliada Corn Maze.  It was a BLAST!!  We spent 3 hours combing over the maze, relaxing in a large rope spider web, blasting corncobs out of cannons and over pumpkin scare crows.  Sliding down 3 wild and fun slides, AND had a hayride in the pumpkin wagon.  But before we went there, we had Ms. Cari Snodgrass working with 3 groups of kids on storytelling thru treasure maps and puppets.  While 25 went to the corn maze, we had another group that stayed behind at school and made the playdough we needed for the dinosaurs sculpting craft.  On Tuesday, we had kids working on masks with Jenn Goff.  Drawing projects, games to play, fun free time in the computer lab.  The list goes on and on!

THEN, yesterday, we were on to dinosaurs!  The Cousteaus crafted some really wonderful dinosaurs out of our homemade playdough and then went out to the sand pit on the big kid playground to play palientologists.  We dug up ‘baby’ dinosaurs and ‘dinosaur bones’.

It has been an exciting few weeks, even thought our blog has been rather quiet.  Clubs next session are going to be great.  And the Explorers Club is starting Session 2 by studying Transylvania and planning a Halloween party for Wednesday.

It’s a busy time, but isn’t it busy with BI all the time?!?!


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