What Happened To October?

Time flies when you’re having fun, right?

And so it goes at Bright IDEAS. We have been busy learning, cooking, playing, cooperating, storytelling, stamping passports, corn mazing, snacking, crafting, puppeting, dancing – the list goes on and on.

The dedicated staff of Bright IDEAS is constantly reviewing and tweaking how we serve our kids. How we teach them, empower them to make good choices, encourage them to be good citizens, guide them to be persons of character.

In that light, we decided to take a different approach with our older children- the Armstrong group. We held a series of meetings with them and let them shape what they do with their time with us. They had some good ideas, several of which we have implemented already. Once a week, they chose to help younger children during their regular homework time, 3-3:30 pm and then work on their own homework from 3:30-4.

They also enthusiastically agreed to design, bake, build their own gingerbread house with the goal of being accepted into the Gingerbread competition at the Grove Park Inn. They had about 30 ideas of what kind of structure they could create but in the end voted to build Isaac Dickson (with UFO being a distant second).  I have been quite impressed with their cooperation so far and look forward to seeing how the story unfolds as they make the template and bake the pieces.  I’ll try to post pictures here to keep you (our three readers) up to date.

Until then, here are pictures from our week:

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