I took no prisoners…wait, I mean, no photos.

How could I get so involved in what was going on today that I neglected to take photos??  It’s Mardi Gras!  We were all jamming to zydeco music and making masks and things today.  Then we all got a little jacked up on sugar (it doesn’t happen that often) and did some line dancing.  I love the idea of king cake.  I love the smell of king cake.  I love that a 2nd grader found the baby in his piece and the party will be at his house next year because I made 4 king cakes last night.  And if you have never made king cake, it isn’t difficult, but it is time consuming.  4 is very time consuming.

Miss Amy LOVES Mardi Gras.  She must’ve stolen the feathers off of about 100 birds to make the boas she was wearing.  And let me not get started on the fabulousness of her glasses.  Poor Ms Tracey, cold and all, couldn’t stop herself from doing a little jig to the music while she kept the Magellans and the Armstrongs (the one 5th grader-since all of 4th grade is on the Sound to Sea fieldtrip) in line.  Neal was right in there too, masking and working.

Angela and I had 21 sharks (Cousteaus) and we made the cutest masks using their hand prints.  They traced their hands and cut them out and decorated them.  I then attempted to glue them together with what has to be the WORST glue gun in the history of the universe.  And I got a huge burn on my index finger which gives witness to the horrendous quality of said gun.  Most of them got finished (thanks to Ms Bruder’s stapler) and they are really cute.  I wish I could show them off, you know, with some photos, but I can’t.  I totally blanked on taking photos.  There was a lot of excitement, but then again, Shark-time is never quiet or boring. Thanks to those parents who patiently waited while we glued on feathers and straws for their kids.  Thanks to the amazing, the fantastic, the supremely generous Pat Bruder for letting her classroom be covered in small people, glue and feathers for over an hour this afternoon.  We are humbled by your generosity. And your floor space.

We gathered in the cafeteria after craft time to stuff ourselves with King Cake, again, no photos.  I love that about 15 of our BI kids knew what the 3 mardi gras colors mean and why people celebrate (and who celebrates) mardi gras.  They also knew that New Orleans and Rio de Janiero have the 2 biggest Mardi Gras celebrations.  So the colors, purple means justice, green means faith, and yellow means power.  Those colors and meanings were named by Rex, King of Carnival back in 1892.

It was a good day.

If you haven’t met our newest staff members, Angela and Neal, do seek them out and say hi.  They are rock stars.  Things move at lightspeed in Bright IDEAS.  We baptize new employees with fire and dodgeball.  There is very little room for that learning curve that may exist in jobs where there are no small children involved.  They hit the ground running in Janauary and have not looked back.

That’s about it for today.  I am going to get back to regular blogging.  I have been absent for too long.  A lot of water has been flowing under our BI bridge.  But that is for another post.  Thanks for reading.  Thanks for sharing your kids with us.


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