Logic will take you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere.  -Albert Einstein

There is an IDES mom who writes a wonderful blog.  The Artful Parent.  She inspires me with her creativity, her joy of learning new things and her desire to help raise up her kids to their highest selves. I saw the Einstein quote on her blog.

We strive every day in Bright IDEAS to take our kids somewhere.  We try every day to inspire excitement in them about doing something new.  Stepping outside their comfort zone, lifting them up and taking a journey with us.  They are a part of our lives; they have wormed their way into our hearts, our dreams and our realities.  We think of them in every step of our planning.  Even when they don’t come everyday, we remember them.

If I made a wish list about our BI kids, it would look something like this:

I wish all our kids could wake up every morning believing that they are fully loved and appreciated.

I wish all our kids woke up knowing that they can truly do or be anything they imagine.

I wish all our kids learned that the choices they make right now are shaping who they will become.

I wish all our kids to have the chance to have adults listen to them, hear what they say and understand the things they can’t yet put into words.

I wish all our kids could see that at any moment they can change a behavior or attitude that is not serving them well to something that feels good and right and makes them happier.

I wish for all our kids the confidence to make their own choices, to be empowered to stand strong when faced with uncertainty.

I wish for all our kids to give themselves permission to dive into their imaginations,  wallow there and create a new world.

I wish for all our kids the belief in themselves that will give them the courage to follow their bliss.

We have them such a short time.  We often have so many of them, that they may think we don’t see them as individuals because we only have time to address them as a whole.  But we talk about them, worry about them, and weep for them. We wish for them the moon.


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