We’re all different alike

That’s the title of the anti-bullying week lesson I am using with my group today in Bright IDEAS.  Thanks to Tracey’s dedication to finding us wonderful resources to use this week!  And where did my mind take the lesson?  Mother of a 6 1/2-year-old?  Woman who works with sometimes 90 kids a day?  I went directly to crayons.  I am sure that I have little bits of colored wax running through my veins.  Or at least I will, by the time I am 50.  (not THAT far away, people.)

Why crayons, you might ask?  Well, it began when my little nugget got the crayon maker for Christmas.  You take all your broken bits of crayons and melt them down and make new crayons.  Color medley crayons.  That is what I have been doing this morning.  Making crayons for my group.  I think that it is the perfect symbol of who we are as a human race.  We are all human.  (we are all crayons).  We all come in different packaging.  Some of us are tall (whole crayons), some of us are less tall (pieces of crayons).  Our backgrounds are diverse, so are our cultures.  But we are all crayons.  and these crayons are so cool, because they are swirling mixtures of all different colors-writing differently depending on how they are held.  Some have yellow on the inside.  Some have red on the outside.  Some are dark colors, some look like sunshine!  But they are all crayons.  made of basically the same elements.  But they are all unique.  They are all different alike.
crayon maker crayons


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