Nigeria Week

I get so excited when I think about all the amazing ways our staff thinks of to connect our kids with a new country.  It really is incredible!  I always think about the food (I am always thinking about food) and music.  We have many people who bring different aspects of their art work and style into our study.  We look at what a day in the life of their school children would be like.  The animals that live in their country–which ones that are endangered, which ones are running through the streets.  Who knew that hyenas were used as a police-type animal.  More often than not by some unsavory character, but hey, a hyena is a pretty amazing creature!  Their paws are the size of dinner plates and their heads~~~geez!
I am attaching some photos of the kids in their Nigerian tribal masks.  Some where animals, some were abstract designs.  All of them were fabulous.  We ate roasted cassava (sweet potatoes or yams) and rice with a SPICY pepper oil.  I mean SPuhIIIIIIICY.  Like so many countries, they are obsessed with soccer (football).  We play it every week.  Luckily, our big kids love it.  Enjoy the photos. 


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