My Very Excellent Mother

This week was Space Week and we worked on learning the planets in our Solar System by using this mnemonic:

My (Mercury)

Very (Venus)

Excellent (Earth)

Mother (Mars)

Just (Jupiter)

Sent (Saturn)

Us (Uranus)

Nachos (Neptune)

Many of the older children knew that Pluto had been downgraded to a “dwarf planet”;  the younger ones don’t even have to worry about every remembering that Pluto once was the 9th planet in our Solar System.

I was with the Armstrong group earlier in the week and they spotted a very large Praying Mantis, so we stopped to admire it.


Amanda played a space relay game with the Sharks.


Aleisha had the Magellan group make and fly their own paper airplanes:



Amy made decoupage planets with the Sharks and Magellans.


Ms Lewis played a space themed game on the field with the Magellan and Armstrong Groups. (Sorry no pictures. I was busy being a Sun protector in the game).

At the end of the day on Friday, Amanda and her group of Space Chefs served up some Space food to everyone, explaining why some foods work in Space and some don’t (without some help at least – salt and pepper will just float away so it has to be mixed in water).

Space was a lot of fun. I’m sure we will visit it again as there is so much to learn.


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