Wide Awake

I have heard Katy Perry’s, Wide Awake, many times over the last few months, though I have never really listened to the words. I think I can say with certainty that she isn’t speaking of middle aged insomnia. At 1 a.m., I work with a start, my eyes popping open. I was dreaming of a really easy 4:30 check out at BI. Really. I was.  Then I was wide awake thinking about our day, the children, recruiting tutors for the 18 children in our program who have been identified as children who need that help, etc.

Check out was a little chaotic the last two days. We have some things to iron out but we are working on it. Checkout is different than last year, so it is new to everyone, including the children who were so well conditioned to enter through the same door their parents do. This year, the parents enter through the back door in the auditorium and the children enter through the stage door. I know it might seem silly to see your child pass right by you but safety is our first concern. We beg your patience while we work this out. It works well when we do it right. We just need to do it right all the time.

We recognize that picking up an Explorers Club child around 4:30 when the club children are being retrieved can be tricky because they should never be in the auditorium with the club children. And we know it is frustrating to you to try to determine where they are as our schedule states that they should be transitioning to the gym/playground at 4:30. To cut the confusion, we are making every effort to have Explorers headed to the gym by 4:30-4:35 and if we aren’t, the staff in auditorium should be notified of the delay and where they are.

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