Exploring Colombia

The ‘bags’ are packed, the kids are excited, the staff has made the airline arrangements!  We took off for South America this week.  Learning about Salsa dancing, the rainforests, savanahs and beaches of Colombia.  Funny how I was the only person in the room (over 11 and the only coffee drinker) who had heard of Juan Valdez….Did you know that there is a river that turns all the colors of the rainbow during one season of the year there?  Canos Cristales.  check it out.  or that Colombia has over 3,000 species of butterflies?  Or that orchids grow there like the orange day lily grows in Asheville?  Friday we will eat a Colombian culinary delight prepared by some of the students and play Colombian bingo.  Stop by if you wanna play a card.  3:30 in the Cafeteria. 


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