A busy spring, le français, bowling, and more

So much is happening in Bright IDEAS, it is difficult to keep up.  We went to Ireland.  Not really, but you know what I mean.  And during the trip to Ireland, we also had an early release day so 44 kids (and 4 staff and about 5 volunteers from the Asheville High’s Serve Club) went bowling.  9 lanes and 44 kids.  It was a fantastic 2 hours.

Last week, we went to France.  This blogging staff member LOVES Paris.  Only been there once, but can’t wait to go back.  The kids learned about the music of France.  The kindergarteners had french café music or Chopin accompanying their reading time all week.  We visited some of the most famous architecture (via photos) of Paris.  The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe, and Sacre Coeur.  We also looked at lesser known Parisian landmarks such as Père Lechaise, where Jim Morrison, Hugo Wolf and Oscar Wilde are buried, Parc de LaValette, the Grand Arch and the Arab World Institute where the entire façade is made of working camera lenses that open and close to control the lighting inside the building.

We talked about the coastlines, the Rivera, and Mont St. Michel.  The kids talked about the Tour de France and made bikes out of pipe cleaners.  The minds of our kids are truly amazing.  You would be in awe of the questions they ask and the facts they already know.  And on Friday, we made apple and strawberry crèpes and played hopscotch.  (Did you know that hopscotch originated in France?!?!)

Unrelated to our week in France, we have a new volunteer who is helping with a Thursday cooking project for us.  Our kids help make their own snacks, but you knew that.  Sometimes it is granola, sometimes it is banana bread or pumpkin bread.  Last week, they made pretzels.  What a fun project!  We have a small window for cooking projects on Thursdays, so it is no small feat that 60 soft pretzels were made in about 3 hours!  Thanks to Gloria, Tim and Sarah (our fantastic volunteer cooking crew) for heading up that project.

Our break is almost over.  It has been nice, but it will also be nice to see our kids again and dive back into the adventure!


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