Session 4 Explorer’s Club Country Schedule

Time really does fly when you are having fun!  We are finishing up our week of team building today and moving into the next week of the 4th session with a brand new list of countries to discover.  Our goal is to live the Isaac Dickson experiential learning theme when we study a new country.  Relating it to where we live, what life is like for kids in this new country, what they wear, what they eat, what music is like there, what they do for fun as well as how the country is like ours and different from ours.

3/19- Ireland
3/26- France
4/9- Australia
4/16- New Zealand
4/30- Greece
5/7- Ghana
5/21- Jamaica
5/28-Fun Week-a week of games and wrapping up all we have learned.

Each week, we relate our crafts, games and cooking projects to the country of the week.  Who would have guessed that one of our student chefs would love our Swedish meatballs so much that she and her family found a recipe and made some of their own for dinner one night!  In the moment, we never know who we are engaging or what each student will take away.  But we love hearing that what we did in Bright IDEAS inspired a student to take the experience to another level.  If you have knowledge of or artifacts/souvenirs from one of our 4th session countries that you want to share with the group, let us know.  The more ways we investigate the country, the more exciting it is for the kids!


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