Session 4 Clubs started Tuesday, March 13!

It is hard to believe that it is already March and we have begun Session 4 clubs!  Now there are some Session 3 clubs that are still meeting to make up missed club days, so if you have a question about your child’s club, please contact Mrs. Lewis directly.

Explorer’s Club is spending this short week working on it’s team building skills.  Lots of fun activities are planned for the rest of the week.  We will be doing a big craft and cooking day on Friday as well as playing with the parachute in the gym.  The kids love that parachute.  If you have never experienced it, come to the gym on Friday around 4:45 and play with us.  It is so much fun! You would never guess there were at least 20 kids and 3 teachers under that thing, would you??

We will be posting the Explorer’s Club country schedule soon!


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